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(read part 1 here) Last time we compared Qt and Storyboard Suite across three criteria: designer workflow, resource usage and performance, and platform scalability. In this second and final post, we’ll cover: Application architecture Testing your user interface (UI) Time to experience and overall cost It’s important to remember that Qt is an excellent framework that performs […]

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codeBeamer ALM’s new Review Hub was one of the major features introduced in our Application Lifecycle Management tool’s latest version 8.1. Our users love the way it simplifies the reviewing process and makes compliance audits easier to tackle, but some of them had ideas on how to further improve this set of features. Based on […]

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Given that we’re in the embedded UI/UX development space, a question that often comes up is: How does Storyboard Suite from Crank Software compare to Qt? The quick answer is that there’s no comparison – Qt is a large C++ library of functionality that includes many things and designed to let you do many things, while Storyboard is a […]