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codeBeamer ALM 10.1.0 is released

codeBeamer ALM’s latest version 10.0 is now released! This version brings updated features and a wide range of performance & usability enhancements.

Version highlights & Top features

This most important updates in this latest version of Intland Software’s market-leading Application Lifecycle Management platform:

Advanced Traceability View

We’ve updated the table view and traceability views to let you access all the relevant data you need in one view. The new view enables filtering, tagging, and hierarchy labelling, and displays all attributes and downstream relations to support efficient work.

Cross-object Filtering

Smart queries help gain insights into ALM data with cross-object filtering. This feature lets you easily build sophisticated search queries, for instance: look up all the test cases that verify requirements in the current release.

Permanent Links

To facilitate collaboration with your team members, the new permanent links feature lets you share a list of items exactly as they appear on your screen – without even leaving codeBeamer!

codeBeamer ALM Offline Testing App

Using this app, you can very simply conduct testing offline, then sync test results once you’re back on the grid. Simply plan testing on your desktop computer, then transfer those test cases to your mobile device, and execute testing while disconnected.

Swagger API update

We have updated our Swagger API to let you execute more actions and to support better tracker item management via the API.

Tracker Item Review

Using this feature, you can easily implement reviews that comply with regulations. Build approval gates in your workflows, and require username, password, and role with e-signatures to comply with FDA guidelines.

Scalability and High Availability

10.0 brings updates to codeBeamer ALM’s Cluster Edition. This way, you can horizontally scale the system by running multiple parallel nodes, guaranteeing no downtime and high performance in large installations.

New Enterprise Architect Connector

We’re introducing a new version of our EA Connector to support Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in safety-critical environments. Easily sync data between EA and codeBeamer ALM, and close the gap between textual requirements and MBSE.

About codeBeamer ALM

codeBeamer ALM is an integrated Application Lifecycle Management tool that supports the development of complex software products in any enterprise development environment. It is fast, scalable, integrates well with other tools, and is preconfigured for compliance in safety-critical development.

About Intland Software

Intland Software is the developer of codeBeamer ALM, a fully integrated and scalable end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management software platform. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with a U.S. office in the Silicon Valley, CA, and distributors worldwide. Intland Software’s clients range in size from medium to large enterprise organizations, with customers including Medtronic, Daimler, Continental, KIA, and other industry leaders. More details…