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Crank Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Crank Software’s Storyboard products and related services enable R&D teams and UI Designers to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user interfaces for resource-constrained embedded devices.

What if you could decouple the roles of the UI designer and embedded systems engineer allowing them to focus on their core competencies? What if they could complete their work in parallel? And, what if this better way of approaching product development delivered the envisioned user interface (UI) user experience (UX)?

Today’s engineers need a better way. Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite enables UI Designers and Embedded Developers with the ability to quickly prototype, develop and release rich animated user interfaces for embedded devices.

The Crank Storyboard Suite was architected for engineers by engineers. Storyboard allows UI designers, with no programming experience, to drag-and-drop their UI designs and do this in parallel with, yet independently from, the engineers who are working on the coding. Storyboard simplifies the design process, saves valuable time, and leverages the core skills of each valued member of the team.

Crank Software Products

Crank Storyboard Designer

Crank Software Storyboard SuiteCrank Storyboard Designer enables user interface designers to easily prototype the look and feel of a product, and then move the prototype directly to the embedded target for deployment.

User interface designers maintain full control over the interface and user experience without having to perform a hand off to a software of systems engineer for implementation.  More details…

Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine

Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine is the runtime component that drives the content developed in Crank Storyboard Designer on embedded devices.

It is architected exclusively to address the unique challenges of bringing a rich user interface (UI) user experience (UX) to resource-constrained embedded devices.

The Embedded Engine’s plugin architecture makes it easy to scale across product lines from simple displays to rich UIs. More details…

Crank Storyboard Browser

Storyboard Browser is a WebKit-based extension for Storyboard Suite that enables HTML5 content to be rendered directly within a Storyboard application.

Just like Storyboard Suite, Storyboard Browser has been optimized for embedded devices such as In-vehicle Infotainment, industrial automation, medical and consumer devices. More details…

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