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Crank Storyboard™ Embedded Engine is the runtime component that drives the content developed in Storyboard Designer on embedded devices. Architected exclusively for embedded, the engine addresses the unique challenges of bringing a rich user interface (UI) user experience (UX) to resource-constrained devices.

Storyboard Embedded Engine - BentleyStoryboard Embedded Engines allows designers and developers to focus on delivering a stunning interface using one UI solution across all products, independent of the hardware and OS used on the target device.

Each implementation of the Storyboard Embedded Engine is optimized for the combination of CPU, operating system and display rendering technology being. This allows the Embedded Engine take maximum advantage of the underlying platform capabilities to increase the performance of the user interface on that target hardware.

User Interfaces for embedded systems have become more visually stunning over the years with the evolution of sophisticated graphical capabilities on devices. With support for .obj and .fbx 3D models, Storyboard Suite makes it easier for designers to integrate 3D graphics into their GUI development.

By providing developers the ability to utilize custom shaders, Storyboard Suite helps bring user interfaces to life, with such effects as spotlight, sepia, zooming, ripples, and glowing text.

Embedded Engine Implementations

Embedded Platforms

  • Linux
  • QNX Neutrino
  • Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE)
  • Segger
  • FreeRTOS
  • Green Hills INTEGRITY
  • Micrium

Mobile Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Development Platforms

  • Windows
  • Apple OS X
  • Linux

Rendering Technologies

  • OpenGL ES
  • DirectFB
  • Framebuffer (FBdev)
  • OpenVG
  • SDL

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Crank Software is an innovator in embedded graphical user interface solutions. Crank Software’s Storyboard products enable R&D teams and UI Designers to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated user interfaces for resource-constrained embedded devices. More details…

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