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Insyde Software provides leading-edge products and services for Android that enable computing manufacturers to quickly and successfully deploy Android on the latest mobile, desktop and embedded computing platforms. With support for the latest releases, newest x86 silicon, and by bringing innovative features developed from our expertise in UEFI firmware and Android integration, Insyde delivers unmatched solutions to help companies develop and enable new x86 computing platforms with Android.


Software Platform for Android

Insyde’s Software Platform for Android allows OEM customers to save time, development costs and take advantage of the combined innovations in new hardware, OS and system level software when bringing new x86 devices to market with Android. The Software Platform for Android includes an array of products and features both for OEMs and their customers, including UEFI Secure Boot, S3 sleep state support, Humanos (Insyde’s optimized version of Android), custom IME (Input Method Editor), Android apps, customization services, certification testing services, app tools, and an Android App Market that can be private labeled to meet specific OEM requirements.

Customers currently leveraging some or all of Insyde’s Software Platform for Android receive valuable benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Fast porting of Android OS to x86 platforms with support through mass production
  • Secure Boot of signed Android
  • Google certification services
  • Value-add technology such as Fast OS Switching with InsydeQ2S™
  • Product differentiation with custom firmware, OS features, UI design and App development
  • Enhanced input method with support for many languages
  • Solution to manage and fulfill OS updates


Humanos is a fully optimized version of Android from Insyde Software, developed for mobile, desktop and embedded computing platforms. Since early 2009, customers have relied on Humanos to deploy the latest Android releases on the newest x86 silicon. Humanos began with Android 1.5 on early Intel Atom™-based devices, and is now currently enabling the market’s newest devices with Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” and Android 5.0 “Lollipop” running on the latest generation Intel Core® processors.

Humanos Configuration

Humanos is designed to be implemented on new platforms as either a primary OS or part of a dual OS solution. Computer makers that choose Humanos gain valuable flexibility in being able to customize the operating system setup for their preferred end-user markets. As a primary OS, Humanos delivers a highly optimized version of Android that provides great performance & battery life, along with key features such as an intuitive input method that supports over 40 different languages, a full featured browser, file management tools, easy access to applications markets and more.

Insdyde-Q2S OS Switching

As part of a dual OS solution, Humanos and InsydeQ2S® can provide all aforementioned benefits, but can additionally operate as a secondary operating system that exists in tandem with Microsoft® Windows®. Users can choose to boot instantly to Humanos when turning on their computer, or quickly switching to it while using Windows. Through our advanced InsydeQ2S® OS switching technology, users can instantly swap between both operating environments with a simple press of an assigned hotkey.

About Insyde Software

Insyde Software is a leading global provider of system firmware and associated consulting services for companies in the notebook, desktop, server, and embedded systems markets. Insyde Software develops traditional and emerging firmware, supporting UEFI BIOS, system management and Android solutions for x86 platforms. More details…

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