Mapusoft is the global leader in software interoperability and reusability solutions that provide freedom, protection and stability to embedded applications. Mapusoft offers porting, integration, support and training services to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation hardware and operating system platforms.

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AppCOEApplication Common Operating Environment (AppCOE™) is a framework of common architecture that promotes interoperability and cross-platform capabilities among systems and devices.

It is built on the powerful open source Eclipse-based framework and integrates all of MapuSoft’s tools: OS Changer®, Cross-OS Development Platform™, Cross-OS Hypervisor™, Linux OK™, OS Simulator™, App/Platform Profiler™, OS Version UpKit™ and Ada-C/C++ Changer™. Embedded C, C++ and Ada applications can be standardized on AppCOE to allow the applications to interoperate and run seamlessly on a single platform. More details…

Cross-OS Development Platform

Cross-OS Development Platform™ is a C/C++ source-level virtualization technology that provides a robust and industry standard OS interface architecture for flexible real-time application development, while allowing the user to protect the software from being locked to one OS. This negates future porting issues because the software will support multiple operating systems and versions from the beginning. It also eliminates the risk associated with the OS selection process, since the same application can be tested on multiple platforms for comparison and won’t be tied to the chosen OS. More details…

Cross-OS Hypervisor

A typical hypervisor allows for running applications on multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform. Cross-OS Hypervisor™ is a next-generation hypervisor that eliminates the need for multiple operating systems by providing the OS functionalities required by the applications. This design ensures that applications are not locked into a particular OS platform and also simplifies development, reduces bill-of-material costs, and utilizes the system resources more effectively.

Cross-OS Hypervisor is redefining virtualization from wrapper-based implementations to source-level virtualization, thereby bypassing multiple layers of OS and hypervisor schedulers to gain performance increases. Cross-OS Hypervisor provides virtualization interfaces for POSIX/Linux, micro-ITRON, Windows®, VxWorks®, Nucleus®, ThreadX® and pSOS® applications. More details…

Linux Optimization Kit

Linux Optimization KitDevelopers are feeling additional pressure to get a performance increase from their embedded Linux due to increased real-time demands on applications, while having limited resources on their existing target hardware platform.

To achieve additional performance, they will need to dig into the Linux operating system code to re-build the kernel and spend a considerable amount of time re-designing the application to improve performance.

MapuSoft’s Linux OK™ (Linux Optimization Kit) framework provides several kernel and application specific optimization features all aimed at increasing CPU performance, speeding up boot-time and reducing memory footprint for Linux applications. More details…

Ada-C/C++ Changer

Ada to C conversion is made simple with Ada-C/C++ Changer™ can be used in two ways: as a converter or as a compiler. As a converter, it transitions Ada code to C/C++. When used as a compiler, Ada applications can support targets for which only C/C++ toolchains are available. More details…

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