IDE for Host Porting, Abstraction, Simulation, Testing and Conversion

Application Common Operating Environment (AppCOE™) is a framework of common architecture that promotes interoperability and cross-platform capabilities among systems and devices.

It is built on the powerful open source Eclipse-based framework and integrates all of MapuSoft’s tools: OS Changer®, Cross-OS Development Platform™, OS Abstractor™, Linux OK™, RTOS Simulator™, OS Version UpKit™ and Ada-C/C++ Changer™. Embedded C, C++ and Ada applications can be standardised on AppCOE to allow the applications to interoperate and run seamlessly on a single platform.


Why Use AppCOE?

  • Supports multiple embedded development languages (C, C++, and Ada)
  • Proven, robust, industry standard interfaces allows legacy and new applications to talk to each other in a safe and secure environment
  • Develop applications using various MapuSoft OS Interfaces (VxWorks®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, pSOS®, Linux/POSIX, micro-ITRON and Windows®) and run on various target operating systems
  • Standardize multiple RTOS applications, allowing them to interoperate and run seamlessly on a single platform
  • Negates future porting efforts to save money and time
  • Provides freedom, protection and stability to embedded applications
  • Concentrate on enhancement of your product functions rather than worrying about the hardware, RTOS and tools becoming obsolete

About MapuSoft

MapuSoft is the global leader in software interoperability and reusability solutions that provide freedom, protection and stability to embedded applications enabling developers to easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation hardware and operating system platforms. More details…

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