Cross-OS Development Platform

Develop Once to Deploy on Multiple Platforms with Ease

Cross-OS Development Platform is used for new C/C++ application development which is not locked to any particular OS-Hardware platform and can be deployed to multiple platforms. This capability significantly reduces future software porting issues and greatly increases its lifespan and value. It also eliminates the risk associated with the OS selection process since the same application code can be tested on multiple platforms for performance comparison.


Cross OS Development Platform

Here are some advantages provided by Cross-OS Development Platform

  • Reduces cost associated with code maintenance across multiple OS platforms
  • Eliminates time consuming manual updates to applications when upgrading OS
  • Allows for host based development to avoid buying expensive target tools and hardware
  • Includes a Profiler to identify performance bottlenecks and a target code Optimizer to enhance performance
  • Easily connects to your in-house abstraction solution to extend your abstraction features and to support more target operating systems
  • Easily connects to your in-house target OS to provide access to the Cross-OS Interfaces for development

Supported Target Operating Systems

Cross-OS Development Platform Targets

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