OS Changer Porting Kit

Automated Software Porting to a new OS

OS Changer goldfish jumpingOS Changer Porting Kit is a C/C++ source‐level virtualisation technology that allows you to easily re‐use your existing software on another operating system and hardware platform while providing real-time performance.

MapuSoft’s OS Changer Porting Kit was first developed 18 years ago and since then has grown to over 300 porting kits supporting 25 unique embedded operating systems.

OS Changer is Not a Wrapper

OS Changer is not implemented based on a wrapper mechanism. Wrapper mechanisms impact performance and further locks the applications to a specific OS’s behaviour introducing runtime portability issues.

Instead, OS Changer co-exists with the underlying target OS offering key OS features like memory, thread, and object management so that you have better performance and portability across multiple OS’s and their versions. RTOS API behaviour and missing OS features can be added to the target OS, improving its behaviour and capability.

Supported Target Operating Systems

Why chose OS Changer?

  • Leverage automated software porting to save crucial time and money
  • Increased robustness and performance of existing software with advanced real-time features
  • Shorten the learning curve on a new OS by developing with the familiar APIs of the current OS
  • Capture new markets by supporting many different operating systems and hardware types
  • Available in full source code and royalty free

About MapuSoft

MapuSoft is the global leader in software interoperability and reusability solutions that provide freedom, protection and stability to embedded applications enabling developers to easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation hardware and operating system platforms. More details…

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