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Real Time Logic is a world class IoT security and web-enablement specialist. Their solutions and Ecosystem Partners drive modern real-time embedded applications to ensure the smooth deployment and safe operation of next generation products.

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Barracuda Application Server

The Barracuda Application Server provides a complete suite of application/web server development, secure IoT protocols, and security tools for embedded devices. Includes scripting language, MQTT client, SMQ broker, WebSocket client and server, REST, Ajax, XML, SOAP, etc. More details…

Barracuda Web Server

The Barracuda Web Server is a small embedded web server librarywhich is optimized for compact, deeply embedded devices. When embedded in remote-monitoring and control-management applications, Barracuda Web Server manages secure HTTP connections for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and Human-to-Machine (H2M) interfaces. More details…

SharkSSL SSL/TLS Client and Server

SharkSSL provides a compact, fast SSL/TLS stack and cryptographic engine to secure communications integrity. The SharkSSL product includes a Secure SMQ Client, Secure MQTT Client, Secure WebSocket Client, Secure WebSocket Server and a Secure SMTP Client. More details…


SharkTrust is a service provided by Real Time Logic that completely eliminates the hassle of dealing with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for embedded web servers. The SharkTrust service completely automates PKI for embedded web servers deployed in private networks such as Local Area Networks (LAN). More details…

PikeHTTP(S) Client Library

The PikeHTTP(S) client enables embedded devices to communicate with any web server and to upload and download any type of data. Devices can independently retrieve files such as configuration files and software updates, enabling large arrays of devices to be updated simultaneously without direct, one-by-one reconfiguration. More details…

Minnow Server

The Minnow Server is a super small and fast, secure, embedded HTTPS WebSocket server that lets small microcontrollers with no external memory act as a real-time web servers and is ideal for devices that are too small for standard web applications or our Barracuda Embedded Web Server. More details…

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