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SMQ enables you to control and manage one to millions of devices in real time from the same user interface. SMQ, which is based on industry standard protocols, can be integrated into anything from tiny devices to cloud server solutions. User interfaces can be designed in HTML5 or Java (including Android).

SMQ lets developers quickly and inexpensively deliver world-class management functionality for their products. As an enterprise ready IoT protocol, SMQ provides easier control and management of products on a massive scale.

SMQ is the one solution for all your IoT security and quality needs

SMQ, based on the publish – subscribe pattern, provides features similar to other pub/sub protocols such as MQTT. However, SMQ extends the pub/sub pattern with additional features such as one-to-one messaging, a feature typically required in device management.

SMQ is similar to MQTT in that all messages are exchanged via a broker. The SMQ Broker is part of the Barracuda Application Server and runs on anything from embedded devices to cloud servers. SMQ supports clustering, thus enabling horizontal scaling and redundancy. Clustering can also be used for bridging an embedded device running the Barracuda Application Server on a private network with an online cloud server solution.

Security is paramount in any modern IoT solution, and SMQ, built from the ground up with security in mind, provides strong authentication and message authorization. SMQ is also designed to be invisible to port scanners.

SMQ Benefits:

  • Hardware and platform agnostic
  • Enables easy IoT management of microcontroller based device solutions such as sensors and actuators.
  • The SMQ Broker may run “as is” on top of an Application Server or a derivative Web Server product.
  • Application programmers may optionally create server side applications to communicate with browsers using standard HTTP(S).
  • Easily bridge with other protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, and REST.
  • Real-Time Web Socket connections are accessible via the SimpleMQ-JS JavaScript library, which simplifies the interface.
  • Enables easy IoT traversal of firewalls and proxies since communication is initiated over HTTP(S).
  • Server side code can be enabled to analyze incoming requests and act on them accordingly.
  • Port requirements are minimized to standard ports 80 and 443 without the need for additional listening ports.

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