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PikeHTTP(S) Client Library

The PikeHTTP(S) client enables embedded devices to communicate with any web server and to upload and download any type of data. Devices can independently retrieve files such as configuration files and software updates, enabling large arrays of devices to be updated simultaneously without direct, one-by-one reconfiguration.

PikeHTTP(S) Client Library Features

  • Offers persistent connections and unlimited file sizes for upload and download.
  • Supports HTTP authentication, server authentication with Certificate Authorities Validation, and client authentication with client certificate
  • Compliant with HTTP 1.0/1.1, SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy, and TLS/SSL security.
  • Allows use of data streaming and WebSockets.
  • Includes easy-to-use command API with a high-level API for common operations.
  • Supports HTTP cookies

PikeHTTP(S) can be purchased in multiple configurations:

  • PikeHTTP(S) client C library comes as a pre-integrated component of the Barracuda Application Server.
  • PikeHTTP(S) standalone client is typically used in devices that require communication with a central server product or as a base for designing automatic firmware upgrade functionality.
  • PikeHTTP(S) standalone client integrated with SharkSSL embedded SSL/TLS.
  • PikeHTTP(S) standalone client integrated with SharkSSL and the JSON parser/serializer to easily send control messages over HTTPS.

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