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The SharkTrust Service

SharkTrust is an automatic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management solution and service for products that include an Embedded Web Server.

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SharkTrust is a service provided by Real Time Logic that completely eliminates the hassle of dealing with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for embedded web servers. The service works with any embedded web server and TLS product, including Real Time Logic’s own embedded web server and Embedded TLS stack. The SharkTrust service completely automates PKI for embedded web servers deployed in private networks such as Local Area Networks (LAN).

The SharkTrust service’s root certificate (CA certificate) is directly trusted by all major browsers and operating systems, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla, Oracle, and Blackberry.

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Is the following what your customers see when they first start using your embedded web interface?

SharkTrust is a solution that includes DNS services and automatic certificate management for devices functioning as web servers. The service enables users, with limited to no understanding of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), to trust and securely access all devices on the local network. The SharkTrust service completely automates the Public Key Infrastructure.

SharkTrust enables device manufacturers to integrate our automatic DNS and certificate management solution as an option for the end customer. The SharkTrust solution, which is designed for resolving DNS for private networks and automates certificate management for devices, provides an easy to use and configuration less solution for the device manufacturer’s end customers.

An added benefit of SharkTrust is that web server enabled devices do not need a manually configured static IP address when using the SharkTrust service but can instead connect to the company’s network and get a dynamic IP using DHCP. The device then connects to the online SharkTrust service, registers the private IP address, and downloads the SSL certificate. The user (end customer) learns about new devices by connecting to the online manager’s web interface, which lists all registered devices connected to the end customer’s private network. A user can then simply click the link to one of the private devices which makes the browser connect securely to the local device.

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