SOMNIUM are evolving software development tools to a new level, solving real problems faced by embedded developers. Our revolutionary, 100% industry compatible DRT products offer unique benefits to C/C++ developers working with ARM® Cortex-M® devices.

Put simply, developers using SOMNIUM’s products will reach the market faster, with higher performance, greater energy efficiency and more profitable designs.

SOMNIUM DRT currently supports over 1,700 devices and more than 120 reference boards from almost 70 ARM Cortex-M device families available from Microchip, STMicroelectronics and NXP including devices acquired from Atmel and Freescale.

SOMNIUM Products

SOMNIUM DRT Atmel Studio Extension

Microchip Technology LogoSOMNIUM have teamed up with Microchip Technology Inc to bring you all the power of SOMNIUM DRT as an Atmel Studio extension.

Build smaller, faster, more energy efficient software for your Microchip SAM MCU without changing your development environment or source code. More details…


ST LogoSOMNIUM DRT Cortex-M IDE is a professional C/C++ embedded software development environment for ARM Cortex-M devices.

DRT supports Microchip (formally Atmel) SAM, NXP Kinetis, NXP LPC and STMicroelectronics STM32 devices.

Build smaller, faster, cheaper and more energy efficient software with SOMNIUM DRT. Complete your design on time and on budget, with DRT’s best in class debug and trace tools. More details…


NXP LogoSOMNIUM DRT NXP Edition is a lower cost subset of the Cortex-M IDE, supporting only NXP devices.

Build smaller, faster, more energy efficient software for your NXP Kinetis and LPC devices.

Spend less time debugging your software with DRT’s state of the art debug features such as trace, live variable viewing and fault diagnosis tool. More details…

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