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Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in open source software security and development tools spanning the embedded software market.  Timesys offers a complete end-to-end device security solution enabling developers to implement security early in design and maintain strong security throughout product lifecycles with Vigiles, an on-demand vulnerability monitoring and management service.

With Timesys’ expertise and products, OEMs, ODMS, and design houses cut development costs and accelerate time-to-market for BSPs and devices, HMI / UX, security, and IoT systems and applications using embedded Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, and other open source solutions.

Timesys Products

Vigiles CVE Monitoring LogoTimesys Vigiles

Maintaining your device’s established security posture is no easy task. With the increasing rate of security vulnerabilities and the unpredictability of discoveries, keeping up with this manually is time-consuming, and it’s just not feasible.

Vigiles from Timesys integrates with all major Linux build systems including: Yocto Project, Timesys Factory, Buildroot, PetaLinux and LTIB and reports on any known security issues (CVEs) that are found within your product’s BSP.

Vigiles will also provide details of the status (fixed or unfixed) of the vulnerabilities and links to any available fixes.  More details…

BSP Lifecycle Maintenance

Keeping your product line updated and in sync means high maintenance costs. There’s the cost of having to manage multiple versions of Linux, for multiple generations of a product, and for multiple variants. And to keep your product secure, there’s the on-going cost of being able to identify issues in all your production releases and respond rapidly and efficiently when vulnerabilities and patches affecting your BSPs are identified.

Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance significantly lowers the long-term maintenance costs associated with keeping your product line updated and secure.  More details…

Factory Build System

Timesys Factory, a graphical, embedded Linux build environment, offers optimized workflows and “cleaned,” preconfigured BSP components so developers can create custom BSPs easily and quickly.

Developed by Timesys years before the Yocto Project initiative was even announced, and continually enhanced since, Timesys Factory is an open-source tool suite available either in desktop or cloud configurations.

Timesys Factory Build Environment

As a member of The Qt Company Partner Program, Timesys include the open source licensed Qt Embedded and a trial version of the Qt Commercial software stack in the Factory Build System. This allows users to simply and easily incorporate the Qt framework into their embedded Linux configurations irrespective of the licensing model they use for their target application. Along side this, the cross-toolchain produced by the Factory build process can be leveraged by the Qt Creator application development environment. More details…


Timestorm IDETimesys TimeStorm, a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a powerful suite of integrated tools that enables application developers to quickly and easily create more complex applications than ever before.

From installing a Factory- or Yocto Project Café-built SDK, to managing and sharing your project code, TimeStorm is designed to optimize the application developer’s workflow and make it easy to code, debug and maintain complex applications. More details…

Timesys Product Customisation and Linux Porting

Embedded development is hard because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Almost every embedded project requires you to customize both hardware and software to leverage the latest in processor technology and build a competitive offering.

When you combine the need for customization with the growing adoption of Linux for embedded devices and the shortage of embedded engineers with Linux experience, it is clear that overcoming complexity and time-to-market issues is critical to the success of your project, even your company.

SDC Embedded Design have engineers with over 15 years experience in developing boot firmware and porting embedded Linux to x86, ARM and PowerPC based devices who are well placed to be able to port the Timesys embedded Linux solutions to your next hardware platform. More details…

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