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LinuxLink is Timesys’ solution for building custom embedded Linux based devices. It includes a suite of tools, a software repository and expert support.  LinuxLink can help your developers accelerate development cycles by more than 35 percent, significantly lowering time to market (TTM) and on-going maintenance costs. It is the industry’s most affordable and easy to try, buy and use commercial embedded Linux offering.

LinuxLink Tools


As an active contributor to the Yocto Project, we strive to simplify the process of custom BSP/SDK development using Yocto Project standards. Timesys’ “Bakery” allows you/your team to quickly and easily jump start custom Yocto Project based development – without even having experience with Yocto Project technology.


With technology developed by Timesys, Factory enables you/your team to configure a custom custom board support package (BSP) and matching software development kit (SDK) by leveraging the most commonly used open source technologies. Factory offers an easy-to-understand, low-learning-curve build system that allows you design a BSP / SDK on your local host – on day one.

LinuxLink Embedded Workflow

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

Timesys provides an extensive number of BSPs for partner reference boards. We work closely with semiconductor and board vendors to provide customers with the best starting points for the development of embedded Linux based products.

Timesys-provided BSPs are based on partner-offered designs and technologies, enabling you to leverage hardware to the fullest extent. The full list of supported processors and boards are available on the Timesys website.

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Timesys provide everything needed to generate custom, open, embedded Linux or Android™ platforms for your devices. Timesys’ comprehensive portfolio of offerings enables your development team to customize a solution that meets your unique project requirements and fits within your budget. More details…

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