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FlashFX Tera

Tuxera FlashFX® Tera is a flash memory manager – or Flash Translation layer (FTL) – that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of a single-source flash memory driver. With pre-written drivers that support hundreds of NAND and NOR parts, including SPI and application processor flash controllers, FlashFX Tera offers developers unprecedented versatility and control. Its patented bad block management provides a robust solution for rapid integration and complete management of flash memory in nearly any embedded system.

Why choose Tuxera FlashFX Tera

Extreme versatility

FlashFX Tera’s exceptional versatility allows for fast integration with a wide variety of parallel and serial (SPI) flash parts. Plus, manufacturers of products like smartphones can choose from a broad range of raw MLC/SLC NAND flash parts as an alternative to the more expensive managed NAND – potentially lowering the cost of these devices and enabling faster performance. Dynamic chip selection provides run-time flexibility of using just one driver image, saving money and lowering supply-line risks during production. On top of all this, we also offer a flexible development and runtime license structure, so you can get precisely the features you need.

Safeguard your flash

Protect yourself with a versatile software solution that can be configured on-the-fly, and is built to accommodate the demands of high-volume manufacturing and long-lived products. FlashFX Tera is designed to secure your flash memory even in the most demanding of product use cases. Wear-leveling, bad block management, garbage collection, and configurable error manager secure your flash from premature failure.

Built to the highest standards

FlashFX Tera adheres to the strictest NAND programming standards, and includes support for addressing read disturb and charge migration. It’s pre-written support also covers SLC, MLC NAND, and NOR parts from major vendors, plus application processor flash controllers – Freescale iMX 5x, i.MX 6x and Texas Instruments OMAP.

Uncompromising performance

Achieve superior performance regardless of the file system. FlashFX Tera’s multi-threaded architecture reduces latency between multiple flash access requests, and its flash drivers provide fast read and write speeds.

Fast implementation

Experience time-saving flash memory management when it matters the most. FlashFX Tera includes pre-configured projects for some popular reference platforms, and its patented bad block management allows for rapid integration into embedded systems. What’s more, our solution is provided in ANSI C source and includes a Developer’s Guide, API reference, and validation utilities. All of this allows a developer to get up and running quickly – resulting in a faster time to market.

Accessible, award-winning support

Customer support and problem-solving are our company cornerstones. Our team of flash and file system experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, ensuring your project performs flawlessly and on schedule.

FlashFX Tera Product Specifications

ffxtera-new-block-2014Target Configuration

32-bit OS, any CPU, NOR and/or NAND flash memory, 100 KB RAM (typical)

Development System

Windows 32 host; 4 MB of disk space for FlashFX Tera; sufficient RAM for development tools

In-System Memory Space

70 KB to 110 KB (tunable, based on disk partition configuration)

Media Volume Size

Each partition (or disk) can be scaled from 64 KB to 2 TB.
Number of disks is configurable

Page Size

Native page support and small block emulation for 512 byte to 32 KB

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Tuxera is the leading provider of quality-assured embedded storage management software and networking technologies, helping businesses around the globe store and do more with their data. More details…

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