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Reliance Nitro

Datalight Reliance Nitro™ is a transactional file system created specifically for embedded devices where power loss may occur, protecting critical system and user data from corruption. It ensures rock-solid data reliability while providing the performance needed to create an optimal user experience. Reliance Nitro works with a broad array of storage media – including flash memory, RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, SD/MMC, and e•MMC – and virtually any 32-bit operating system.

The speed of file and directory access is improved by several orders of magnitude while maintaining complete metadata and file data integrity. The unique combination of tree-based directory architecture, extent based design, and faster atomic transactions, gives a performance benefit for I/O throughput and metadata operations. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives developers unprecedented control over the file system.

Reliance Nitro is optimized for use on consumer electronics and industrial devices like smart phones, navigation devices, and ruggedized handheld computers that cannot compromise reliability or performance to deliver a compelling user experience. Reliance Nitro file system is an ideal upgrade from Linux file systems, VxWorks file systems, and Windows Embedded CE file systems.

How Reliance Nitro Works

Datalight Reliance™ Nitro is a two state flash file system, comprised of the working state and the committed state. Original data (the committed state) is preserved until the new data (the working state) is written and a transaction point is performed. During operation on the working state, all file system modifications – including changes to directories, files and metadata – are stored on an area of the media that is currently unused and does not contain committed state data. The possibility of corruption is eliminated because the data of the new transaction is written to an unused portion of the media. Writing to an unused portion of the media allows the previous state of the file system to be untouched. Valid data from the previous transaction is always available.

Product Specifications

Datalight Reliance Nitro™ with Dynamic Transaction PointTM technology is a multi-threaded, fault-tolerant embedded file system, offering control of the performance and data at risk balance. Reliance Nitro embedded file system integrates easily into your system without application modifications.

Its unique application-controlled transaction points lets Reliance Nitro users achieve ultimate reliability and performance, responsive to every nuance of your unique use cases. Unlike default solutions, such as FAT-based file systems which are built on the faulty foundation of 1980’s desktop file systems, Datalight Reliance Nitro has been specifically designed for flawless operation on the full range of modern storage technologies, including NAND flash memory.

Pre-ported SDKs
Drop in file system replacement for Linux, VxWorks, WindowsCE, Windows Mobile

Target Configuration
32-bit OS, any CPU, virtually any storage media, 70 KB RAM (typical)

Development System
Windows 32 host; 4 MB of disk space for Reliance; sufficient RAM for development tools

Supported Media
Flash memory, RAM, HDD, Disk-On-Chip, USB Mass Storage, SD/MMC, and eMMC. Memory Required 100 KB to 150 KB (nominal)

Media Volume Size
Each partition (or disk) can be scaled from 100 KB to 32 TB (terabytes)

Max File Size/Name Length
Available free space/1,024 UTF-8 bytes (or OS imposed limits)

About Datalight

Datalight supply flash memory drivers and file systems that boost throughput, cut file seek time, shorten boot time, and eliminate data corruption, optimizing solid-state storage for smart phones, mobile computers, medical devices, automotive systems and embedded systems of all types. More details…

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