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ROM-DOS was introduced in 1989 as an MS-DOS compatible operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers. The most robust DOS available to serve the embedded marketplace, ROM-DOS enables current desktop hardware in legacy implementations.

ROM-DOS continues to have backward compatibility build options, and is the fastest way to connect an embedded system to the Internet.

OEMs are now able to take advantage of large disk drives and Long File Names with ROM-DOS 7.1. With as little as a 186 CPU, a small amount of RAM and flash memory or other non-volatile storage, OEMs can create a low cost system in no time.


ROM-DOS and BIOS interactionROM-DOS™ provides a well-known, well-documented interface for application programs to send and receive information for other devices throughout the computer.

ROM-DOS communicates to the application and device drivers through the use of software interrupts. For stability and efficiency, applications should be designed so that all communication from the application runs through the ROM-DOS kernel.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for your target hardware are:

  • 186 or higher processor
  • ROM based operation requires 60K to 90K of ROM or Flash
  • Internet connectivity requires a packet driver or modem connection


ROM-DOS incorporates a suite of tools, including a compact TCP/IP stack, that advance the embedded device from stand-alone to internet enabled.

The Sockets TCP/IP stack is available as both a 16bit real mode application and as a stand-alone interactive 32 bit TCP/IP stack, based on the DJGPP compiler tools and DPMI services to provide access to the full memory range of a 32bit x86 processor.

The Sockets suite supports applications that provide embedded systems with the ability to send and receive email, transfer files via FTP, run a remote console or be viewed from a local web browser. The Sockets suite also includes both a basic API (CAPI) and a BSD Sockets compliant API to allow application developers to implement their own protocol support.

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