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There is a growing trend in embedded systems to have more and more complex user interfaces and displays adding more and more complexity to the development process – the so called iPhone effect. There is also a growing trend away from engineers developing the user interface using traditional coding techniques to the user interface being developed by graphic designers using tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. In order to bring these two opposing worlds together and new UI development solutions are required.

Storyboard Suite

Storyboard UI development solutionsCrank Software’s Storyboard suite enables user interface designers to easily prototype the look and feel of a product, and then move the prototype directly to the embedded target for deployment.

UI designers maintain full control over the user interface and user experience without having to hand off to an embedded systems engineer for implementation.

It is designed with rapid development in mind, some customers reducing design times by up to 60%, as it allows parallel design, implementation and test. Based on Eclipse, Storyboard Designer will have a familiar look and feel for many users and allows the import of graphics in many popular formats (JPEG, PNG, etc) along with direct import from Adobe Photoshop.

Once the design has been completed on the host system (either Windows, Linux or OS X based) the user interface can be deployed to the embedded target confident in the knowledge that the visual representation will be identical.

The Storyboard Embedded Engine uses between 200KB and 500KB memory, plus the sum of the graphical assets displayed on the current screen, depending on the configuration giving one of the smallest footprint GUI solutions on the market today. More details…

Royalty free content

When creating high quality, graphics based, user interface designs a stock of royalty free icons, images and fonts are required to go along with any custom artwork that is created.

For icons check out www.iconarchive.com, for royalty free images www.dreamstime.com and for free fonts www.fontriver.com and fontawesome.io for Font Awesome which contains over 650 icons in a scalable font format.

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