FlashFX Tera 4.2 Enhances Long-Term Reliability of NOR Flash

Bothell, WA – July 6, 2018Datalight Inc., the industry leader in comprehensive flash memory drivers and reliable file systems for Automotive and the Industrial Internet of Things markets, has released the latest version of its market-leading FlashFX Tera product. This release introduces enhancements for NOR device long-term reliability features as well as refinements to validation tests for multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash and enhanced support for i.MX family of processors from NXP.

Ensuring long-term reliability for flash media requires careful attention to the physical degradation that occurs over time which leads to bit errors and device failure. While FlashFX Tera has managed data retention and error handling challenges for NAND flash media since its inception, but NOR flash has heretofore not required such sophistication. Now customers are beginning to suspect similar longevity concerns for NOR flash media and Datalight has responded with enhancements to error detection and correction focused on NOR flash. This software solution allows the data from blocks with correctible errors to be rewritten elsewhere while the original block is fully erased for future reuse. In addition to correcting single bit errors, two-bit errors are detected for proper handling by the design.

“FlashFX Tera is widely adopted across the spectrum of markets such as Automotive and Industrial Internet of Things. Whether it’s in the International Space Station or the family mini-van, our customers place a high value on device longevity, with units expected to be in service for decades in the harshest environments,” said Director of Engineering Tony Questad. “With these enhancements in FlashFX Tera support for NOR, customers can be confident of achieving the maximum lifetime possible for their hardware.”

Customers who place a premium on device cost often choose MLC NAND flash as their storage media. FlashFX Tera is acknowledged as the market leader in support for MLC NAND flash media and is the only flash manager with robust MLC support on Linux, as such support has been deprecated from open source solutions. This release offers refinements to our Flash Memory Services Layer (FMSL) test for this media type. This Flash Media test is crucial to exercise all aspects of implementation and customization of both the drivers and the hardware. Like all Datalight tests which are included with its products, the full source code is provided for ease of customization and finding hardware errors from within a debugger.

FlashFX Tera continues to support the NXP series of application processors with an updated version of our i.MX family NAND Technology Module (NTM), which is designed to support i.MX8, i.MX7 and i.MX6 processors. In addition to full support the NAND controller of these processors, we have also improved performance.

The product is available immediately from Datalight and its worldwide network of resellers. Existing customers who have current Technical Support and Maintenance Agreements are eligible to receive this version for no additional fee by contacting Datalight.

FlashFX Tera offers pre-ported versions for Linux, Wind River VxWorks, Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact and FreeRTOS. Datalight file systems support the operating systems as well as Green Hills INTEGRITY.

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