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Helping You “Secure by Design” and “Stay Secure”

Timesys has recently expanded its Engineering Services offering to include Security Services. From IP protection, anti-cloning / anti-counterfeit capability, device software integrity, and user data protection — to secure network communication, device authentication and the ability to run only trusted applications, our comprehensive security services offering addresses the unique security requirements for embedded devices.

Timesys’ Security Services helps you implement security early in the design of your open source embedded Linux based device as well as help you minimize security threats throughout its lifecycle. The security services we offer include:

  • Security audit,
  • Hardening,
  • Software authentication and runtime isolation,
  • OTA software updates and
  • Managing vulnerabilities.

Software Authentication and Runtime Isolation

To protect your device against running tampered software, you need to verify the authenticity of your software before execution. Timesys can help you implement:

  • Secure boot / chain of trust — Ensures that only authenticated software runs on the device
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) — Stores and protects the key used for encrypting the software/user data
  • Device identity and authentication — Protects the device from being counterfeited or hackers from extracting user/application data from the device offline
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) / OP-TEE — Enables the deployment of trusted applications and ARM trusted firmware

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Timesys provide everything needed to generate custom, open, embedded Linux or Android™ platforms for your devices. Timesys’ comprehensive portfolio of offerings enables your development team to customize a solution that meets your unique project requirements and fits within your budget. More details…