IDE and C/C++ Compilers

C Source CodeThe compiler is the most basic tool used by a software developer to convert the high level, human readable, constructs into a binary object that is executable by the CPU. Within the embedded software development arena the market for IDE and C/C++ compilers is filled by both commercial and open source tools such as the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc).

Many silicon vendors provide a gcc based, open source, toolset either as command line tools or as a set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE. These implementations can be limited in the size of the object code that they will generate and access to the full toolset and features requires the purchase of a software license.


Somnium DRT IDE and C/C++ CompilersSOMNIUM DRT (Device-aware Resequencing Tools) is a complete tools solution for ARM Cortex-M based devices using a customised version of the Eclipse IDE extended and improved for ease of use and high productivity. DRT’s device-aware code generation builds the most efficient program for your choice of Cortex-M device, with no source code changes required.

Using the EEMBC® CoreMark® built with DRT gave up to 54% higher performance, up to 44% lower energy consumption, up to 14% smaller ROM and up to 21% smaller RAM usage.

DRT provides state-of-the-art RTOS aware embedded debug and trace. DRT’s GNU compatible tools are fully validated using commercial test suites used for ISO26262 certification and use SOMNIUM’s patented resequencing technology to generate the smallest, fastest, most energy efficient code with no source code changes required. More details…

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