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Kisaco Names Intland Software a Leader in ALM Software Market Report

STUTTGART, GERMANY, 7 OCTOBER 2020 — International analysts Kisaco Research have recently released their latest Leadership Chart report on Engineering Application Lifecycle Management Solutions for 2020-21. Comparing ALM vendors, the report ranks Intland Software as a Leader when compared to IBM, Polarion, Inflectra, and Jama Software.

The Kisaco Leadership Chart (KLC) report covers the evolution of the ALM market in advanced engineering. Identifying the role of Application Lifecycle Management as providing transparency into and helping manage the development effort, the paper states that using ALM is becoming a necessity in safety-critical and highly regulated environments with compliance requirements.

Kisaco’s 2020-21 report compares the five top ALM vendor solutions based on a range of features and technical capabilities as well as execution and strategy, all relevant for advanced engineered product development and software development in safety-critical environments. When comparing Intland Software to entrenched legacy tools on the market, the report states that:

“Intland consistently punches above its weight and impresses us with its laser focus on its target markets and embracing of innovative technologies. We believe that Intland will continue to grow and reinforce its leadership position.”

Commenting on the report’s release and the company’s favorable position, Andreas Pabinger, Intland Software’s Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit said: “Reports such as Kisaco’s KLC provide valuable help for companies that aim to make future-proof strategic tooling decisions. The recognition of Intland Software’s tools in the report is consistent with our ongoing success in our key safety-critical target markets. We are confident that Intland’s outstanding position in the report will help bring our powerful solutions to more and more companies in the automotive, medical, pharma, and aviation sectors.”

Kisaco’s Leadership Chart on Engineering Application Lifecycle Management Solutions 2020-21 is available for download free of charge from

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Intland Software is the developer and vendor of industry-leading software tools for the delivery of safety-critical technology. The company’s flagship product codeBeamer ALM is a fully integrated end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management software platform with regulatory compliance support. The recently released Intland Retina provides all-in one ALM, digital quality management, audit control, and risk management capabilities for regulated industries. Intland Software’s tools help reduce the time, risks, and costs of product innovation and regulatory compliance. More details…