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New Timesys IDE Release Accelerates Development of Secure IoT Devices

TimeStorm IDE 5.3.2 Streamlines Development Process, Supports Windows 10, Simplifies Migration from Microcontrollers to Microprocessors

Pittsburgh, Pa. – January 8, 2019Timesys Corporation, industry pioneer and leading provider of embedded, open source software, engineering services, and security solutions, today announced a new release of its TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is designed to streamline, simplify, and accelerate the creation of secure Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded Linux applications.

Available for a free 30-day trial, Timesys TimeStorm 5.3.2 IDE supports the development of applications and systems for IoT and other embedded devices using ARM, Power or x86 based processors.

The new IDE release features support for Windows 10 and a Timesys-built Windows installer. The Eclipse-based TimeStorm IDE provides Windows 10 OS users with an already familiar development environment, making it easy to create embedded Linux products within a Windows environment.

This feature makes it an ideal solution for developers who want to migrate from microcontroller development to the development of microprocessor-based Linux devices. TimeStorm IDE auto-discovers available Yocto SDKs, accelerating product creation while hiding the complexity of Linux development. It uses the same Yocto SDK under Linux and Windows host OSs, eliminating any potential issues related to using different toolchains on different host OSs.

Developers who want to see for themselves how TimeStorm makes application and system-level development easier can sign up for a free LinuxLink account where they can generate a 30-day license to unlock all the features of TimeStorm and try it for that period of time.

“We are pleased to bring TimeStorm 5.3.2 to developers. By providing support for Microsoft Windows 10, this latest version of TimeStorm enables us to assist engineers who prefer to use Windows OS or are mandated by internal IT policies to use it,” said Maciej Halasz, vice president of technology at Timesys. “In addition, we see an increasing number of engineers who have historically developed for microcontrollers using Windows OS move to microprocessor development using Yocto Project standards. TimeStorm provides these customers with a familiar development environment for developing embedded Linux based products.”

In addition to Windows 10 support, additional features that enhance the development of IoT and embedded devices based on open source Linux have been added to TimeStorm 5.3.2. These features include:

  • Support for development in Python (in addition to C/C++) — The addition of on target debug for Python enables easier development of IoT applications and machine learning.
  • Streamlined workflow using Git source code management and makefiles — TimeStorm’s makefile management enables easy integration with in-house continuous integration
  • U-Boot configuration — The TimeStorm U-Boot development feature enables development of custom bootloaders, needed when adapting Linux to a new hardware platform.

About Timesys

Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in open source software security, development tools and engineering services spanning the embedded software market. With Timesys’ expertise, OEMs, ODMs, and design houses cut development costs and accelerate time-to-market for BSPs and devices, HMI / UX, security, and IoT systems and applications using embedded Linux, Android, FreeRTOS and other open source solutions.

Timesys offers a complete end-to-end device security solution enabling developers to implement security early in design and to maintain strong security throughout product lifecycles with Vigiles, an on-demand vulnerability monitoring and management service. Representing more than 20 years of embedded development experience, Timesys’ broad portfolio, embedded expertise, and extensive partner ecosystem are used by 1000+ projects to develop leading products and applications including medical, industrial, networking, aerospace, and consumer solutions.