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Rogue Wave Software Release 2017.3

Klocwork 2017.3 offers improved analysis performance and greater coverage of compliance standards to make the delivery of secure, high-quality code easier than ever. This release features an even more powerful analysis engine, improved defect-finding accuracy, and improved coverage of industry compliance standards.

Analysis engine accuracy and performance

Klocwork 2017.3 builds on the reputation for high-performance analysis, by extending the ability to analyze very large and complex code bases by supporting 64-bit platforms for Linux and Mac.

This release also improves checker accuracy, including Array Bounds Violation (ABV), Infinite Loop, and some MISRA checkers.

MISRA 2012 improved or added coverage:

  • Rule 3.2: Line splicing shall not be used in // comments
  • Rule 17.3: A function shall not be declared implicitly
  • Rule 20.4: A macro shall not be defined with the same name as a keyword
  • Rule 21.15: The pointer arguments to the Standard Library functions memcpy, memmove, and memcmp shall be pointers to qualified or unqualified versions of compatible types (Amendment 1)

Improved and additional compiler support

  • Keil CA51
  • NXP StarCore Freescale


This release upgrades the version of FlexNet Publisher support for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms to version 2016 R2 ( The versions of FlexNet Publisher used with AIX and Sun Solaris are unchanged.