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Rogue Wave Software Release Klocwork 2017.2

Klocwork 2017.2 introduces the new Klocwork Quality Standard, developed by our in-house static code analysis experts to help you quickly and easily improve the quality of your software using Klocwork.

This new standard is available for C/C++, Java and C#, and can be used as the basis for the new built-in Klocwork Quality Report. This built-in report provides an at-a-glance health check for your software project. Review items such as the trend of the top three quality issues, areas of source code with the most quality concerns, and more.

Coverage of latest DISA-STIG security standards

Providing the latest in security standard coverage, Klocwork 2017.2 includes a new taxonomy for the latest version of the DISA-STIG standard.

New and updated MISRA 2012 rules

  • Rule 12.5: The size of operator shall not have an operand which is a function parameter declared as “array of type”.
  • Rule 20.7: Expressions resulting from the expansion of macro parameters shall be enclosed in parentheses.
  • Rule 20.8: The controlling expression of a #if or #elif preprocessing directive shall evaluate to 0 or 1.

Advanced issue filtering in the Microsoft Visual Studio extension

Filtering issues by severity or by status directly in the MS Visual Studio extension improves developer efficiency when working with Klocwork on the desktop. It also makes it easier to find the issues you are looking for.

Improved and additional compiler support

  • Renesas CC-RL
  • TI tms320c28x