Application Security Development

The evolving “Threat Landscape” continues to challenge organisations to effectively and efficiently manage any inherent code based application security risks and vulnerabilities early in the development life cycle.

Introducing or enhancing an internal application security development policy can support organisations looking to mitigate the risk of creating, receiving or shipping compromised applications, code bases or devices.

Application security coding standards and configurable checkers

Klocwork by Perforce LogoKlocwork automates the detection of hundreds of potential security vulnerabilities in source code from the convenience of the developer’s desktop and the speed of Continuous Integration systems.

Using Klocwork AppSec static code analysis developers can locate even the most elusive programming bugs and identify where C, C++, C# and Java source code is susceptible.  Klocwork static analysis allows your organization to apply a consistent, best practice approach to identifying, fixing and managing real security vulnerabilities to protect your code, your product, your brand, and your livelihood.

Organizations are introducing multiple coding standards into their development process ensure software security. Klocwork includes built-in checkers to support all of the leading standards: CWE, CERT, DISA STIG, CWE/SANS Top 25,OWASP, MISRA.

Klocwork Security Standards Logos

Alongside the industry standards Klocwork offers organisations the ability to quickly and easily create own create bespoke security checkers.

The Klocwork static code analysis engine can be tailored to enforce the rules for compliance with each standard by enabling or disabling individual checkers or full checker groups to meet the specific needs of your software development environment and processes.

Spreading application security standards across the organization

Consistency within the team and across many teams is critical. That is why Klocwork pushes the chosen security coding standards and their associated checkers and taxonomies to every developer’s desktop.

Everyone is notified as they write their code if they have violated the standards or introduced any vulnerabilities or defects. Fix any potential software security problems immediately, before code check-in. This frees up valuable developer time to work on more critical assignments.

To help get new team members up to speed as quickly as possible, Klocwork provides issue-specific links to our help knowledge base, allowing the entire team to share and learn from industry best practices for each specific defect type, explaining both the risk and how to best mitigate each issue. Check out the defect and vulnerability page for more information on the type of defects that can be detected by Klocwork.

Open Source Application Security: Know Your Code

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FlexNet Code Insight, from Revenera, helps security and development teams identify and mitigate open source security risks across application portfolios.

Open source is the foundation for most modern applications. However nearly half of all companies surveyed indicated that they have no formal processes in place for tracking and managing their use of open source. As a result, many teams discover that their applications contain a lot more open source than they think.

Left untracked, this open source can leave application security and data at risk to known open source security vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and the Equifax Breach. In 2017 nearly 20,000 vulnerabilities were recorded by Secunia Research, a division of Revenera, and you don’t want to leave the door open to hackers by shipping software with vulnerabilities.

OSS Vulnerability RiskBecause open source is used everywhere it enters your code from everywhere, and sometimes application security vulnerabilities come with it. To ensure application security from potential vulnerabilities, you need an accurate understanding of:

  • What open source components are in your code?
  • Are they affected by known security vulnerabilities?
  • Are they up-to-date and do they comply with policy?

FlexNet Code Insight manages open source software vulnerability risk and license compliance by automating the full process, including the request-to-use OSS and third-party code, scanning and reconciliation of actual to requested content.

Its robust compliance library includes over 13 million open source components and over 2.5 million automated detection rules as well as integrated request and authorization workflow.

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