Open Source Security

Leading organizations have effective open source software license compliance policies in place at each phase of the software development life cycle process.  Selecting the best, most secure code for your needs is essential, but with more than a million open source projects to choose from, that’s not fast or easy. FlexNet Code Insight can help.

FlexNet Code Insight

FlexNet Code Insight manages OSS license compliance and vulnerability risk by automating the full process, including the request-to-use OSS and third-party code, scanning and reconciliation of actual to requested content, production of compliance documents and ongoing vulnerability scanning and intellectual property alerts.  Its robust compliance library includes over 12.9 million open source components and over 2.5 million automated detection rules as well as integrated request and authorization workflow.

FlexNet Code Insight’s special purpose search engine is optimized for analysis of source and binary files. Users get accurate and timely results whether the requirement is for a quick search for top level issues or a detailed analysis. It’s detection of open source software is based on a comparison of the target code base with the contents of the Compliance Library, a large database of continuously updated open source projects including version and license information.

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