Risk Identification

The drive towards the ever-faster delivery of applications and additional functionality has increased the reliance on reusing existing code, integrating open source and third party software, and the use of external outsourcing for parts of the software development process each of which adds to the level of application risk and vulnerability. Complexity, competition, resource limitations and ever increasing legislation requires constant vigilance and risk identification by project managers in order for issues to be identified and mitigated in order for a project to be delivered on time and on budget while still satisfying the needs of the business.

Traditional Risk Identification

Traditionally risk identification has taken the form of time consuming manual processes including peer code reviews, logging of open source components and licenses in spreadsheets and many hours of regression testing. To take back control and to ensure that your application is not being developed with inherent risks, waiting to be discovered at some future time, and that technical debt is decreasing, not increasing, SDC Systems has developed the “Application Risk and Vulnerability Lab” based around the best in class tools for static, architecture, code coverage and open source software analysis.

Application Risk and Vulnerability Lab

The Application Risk and Vulnerability Lab uses the best in class Klocwork static analysis tool from Rogue Wave, architectural analysis from Lattix, code coverage metrics from froglogic’s Squish Coco. The Application Risk and Vulnerability Lab can be deployed either as a complete solution or in its individual parts so that developers and businesses can visualise their current position and then quickly identify and respond to the issues raised. More details…

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