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Deployment and Migration

Gradually the first generation of static code analysis tools have reached their limit, when compared to Klocwork’s, highly automated and functionally rich solutions available today. Like all systems, the development process can only run as fast as the slowest element or task, which in terms of testing methodologies like Agile can hamper both productivity and team moral.

One aspect of changing to a next generation solution that often stops organisations adopting new technologies is the cost of change. To help organisations transition to the latest version of Klocwork or migrate from an existing static code analysis tool our team provides a comprehensive, efficient plan and then assists with actual deployment so you will be up and running faster.

Migration services include:

  • Assessment and planning workshop
  • Migration plan including configuration, backup, training and verification strategies
  • Implementation, including full installation, data migration, testing and validation

To circumnavigate this challenge, SDC Systems have developed a range of services based around de-risking the migration to new tools, removing the headache of deploying them into the existing ecosystem and minimising the impact on the development team.

SDC Systems’ philosophy is that development teams should concentrate on gaining the benefits of using the solutions and not waste time carrying out one off set up and deployment tasks.

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