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Although the introduction of automation and continuous integration has improved the merging, build and workflow efficiency, with Klocwork and Squish CocoRogue Wave and froglogic have introduced “incremental, change based testing” functionality to support an agile approach to development.

The incremental testing approach allows developers to run and re-run a subset of tests locally, review the results and as required, fix the issue and re-run. This process removes the need to wait for continuous integration results and allows development to be completed when the subject is fresh in the mind.

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Organisations yet to introduce an agile methodology can also take advantage of this level of test identification functionality, especially when larger applications can take a considerable amount of time to execute and therefore tests are infrequently run. Increasing the level of automation using solutions like continuous integration benefits enormously when all of the tools within the software development life cycle are integrated.

The advantages of the different technologies working cohesively removes simple acts like continuously toggling from one software application to another, but importantly, combined deployment offers a range of joint solutions that can only be accessed when the tools are fully integrated.

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