DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

As DevOps is intended to be a cross-functional mode of working, those who practice the methodology use different sets of tools – referred to as “toolchains” – rather than a single one. These toolchains are expected to fit into one or more of the following categories, reflective of key aspects of the development and delivery process:

  1. Coding – code development and review, source code management tools, code merging
  2. Building – continuous integration tools, build status
  3. Testing – continuous testing tools that provide quick and timely feedback on business risks
  4. Packaging – artefact repository, application pre-deployment staging
  5. Releasing – change management, release approvals, release automation
  6. Configuring – infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code tools
  7. Monitoring – applications performance monitoring, end-user experience

The codeBeamer, Klocwork and FlexNet Code Insight tools available through SDC Systems meet the needs of the modern DevOps process.


DevOps Infinity LoopcodeBeamer boosts collaboration, automates your CI&CD pipeline, and accelerates delivery across all phases of Application Lifecycle Management.

Align contributors around shared goals, and focus on the activities that deliver the most value. Replace a fragmented chain of single-point tools with a central, holistically integrated platform that offers all-in-one Agile, Dev, and Ops capabilities.

Klocwork in a DevOps environment

Klocwork is designed to support a DevOps development processes with centralisation and automation at the heart:

  • New CI (kwciagent) tool provides efficient incremental diff builds without prior build data held locally
  • Support for feature-branch parallelism with diff analysis jobs and feedback per developer commit or per pull request
  • Plugins for common DevOps or CI/CD tools, such as TeamCity and Jenkins (including support for Pipelines) and proven support for many others such as GitLab.
  • Klocwork build tools now available as zip-packages rather than installers to improve deployment efficiency when using machine provisioning including Docker, AWS and Azure

FlexNet Code Insight

FlexNet Code Insight - Get Clean Stay CleanFlexNet Code Insight integrates with your build, CI/CD and SCM tools to provide a solution for open source license compliance and security.

FlexNet Code Insight will find vulnerabilities and remediate associated risk while you build your products and during their  entire lifecycle.

Manage open source license compliance, add automation to your processes, and implement a formal OSS strategy that balances business benefits and risk management.

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