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Offering award-winning software and consulting, Black Duck is the partner of choice for open source software adoption, governance and management. Enterprises of every size depend on their products to harness the power of open source technologies and methods.  As part of the greater open source community, Black Duck connects developers to comprehensive resources through Open Hub, and to the latest commentary from industry experts through the Open Source Delivers blog.

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Black Duck Hub

The Black Duck Hub helps security and development teams identify and mitigate open source related risks across an application portfolio.  The Black Duck Hub continuously scans your projects for newly introduced open source, and helps you manage security vulnerabilities before they become problems. It enables you to review and prioritize vulnerabilities, assign remediation dates, and track closure. Black Duck Hub automatically monitors for new vulnerabilities that are later reported against open source libraries in use within your applications, enabling you to quickly respond to newly identified vulnerabilities. More details…


Open source software is free to use, but it comes with license obligations. Poor open source compliance can expose you to costly, time-consuming risks, including litigation and loss of IP. Protex is the industry’s leading solution for managing open source compliance. Protex integrates with existing development tools to automatically scan, identify, and inventory open source software, allowing you to understand license obligations, conflicts and risks. This enables you to mitigate these risks by enforcing license compliance and corporate policy requirements.

Protex is powered by the Black Duck KnowledgeBase™, the industry’s most comprehensive database of open source project information. It includes over ten years’ worth of data, more than 1 million software projects from more than 8,500 sites, and detailed data for more than 2,400 unique licenses, including vulnerabilities, full license text and dozens of encoded attributes and obligations for each license. New open source project versions and meta data are continually added in to the KnowledgeBase. More details…

Code Center™

Code Center, an Open Source Management (OSM) solution that proactively manages both security and operational risk and enables the rapid adoption and use of open source software in fast moving development organizations. Code Center does this by automating approval workflows informed by an organisations OSS use policy, flagging security vulnerability alerts, license obligation management and analysis/control of OSS component versions. More details…

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