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Find and fix open source vulnerabilities with the Black Duck Hub

The Black Duck Hub helps security and development teams identify and mitigate open source related risks across an application portfolio. Use the Black Duck Hub to:

  • Scan code to identify specific open source in use
  • Automatically map known vulnerabilities to open source in use
  • Triage – assess risk and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Schedule and track remediation
  • Identify licenses and community activity

Gaining visibility into what open source is in your codebase is the first step in securing open source. Visibility means knowing not only what open source libraries are in use, but also where and how they are used. The Black Duck Hub continuously scans your code to identify specific open source libraries and versions. Updated regularly from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and from VulnDB, a more comprehensive and timely vulnerability database, the Black Duck® KnowledgeBase™ maps the open source libraries with critical metadata on vulnerabilities, licensing, community activity, and versions.

The Black Duck Hub continuously scans your projects for newly introduced open source, and helps you manage security vulnerabilities before they become problems. It enables you to review and prioritize vulnerabilities, assign remediation dates, and track closure. Black Duck Hub automatically monitors for new vulnerabilities that are later reported against open source libraries in use within your applications, enabling you to quickly respond to newly identified vulnerabilities.

The Hub screen shotIdentify

  • Identify open source in code, binaries, and containers
  • Map known vulnerabilities in your applications
  • Assess license and community activity risk


  • Review risk metrics and impact of vulnerabilities
  • Assess impact and prioritize actions
  • Triage, schedule, and track remediation


  • Monitor for new vulnerabilities
  • Create and enforce open source usage policies
  • Manage approval requests and exceptions


  • Black Duck Hub is the open source security management tool which incorporates VulnDB.
  • 40% more vulnerabilities than the National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
  • Vulnerabilities posted three weeks sooner than NVD
  • Deeper vulnerability analysis than NVD alone

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