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Patch Analysis

With the patch analysis provided by Squish Coco developers can gain an insight into their test coverage, identify redundant tests, untested or dead code.  It identifies the impact of a patch on the code, code coverage and your testing.

Squish Coco’s patch analysis functionality highlights the impact of additional requirements or tests at the desktop and enables the developer to identify and run the subset of tests directly impacted.

Patch analysis:

  • Analyse the quality of a source code patch.
  • Identify patch impact areas and the associated vulnerabilities.
  • The analysis is based on the test coverage of the code section(s) impacted by the patch, and the historical execution results: the results prior to the patch being applied and the patched code being compiled or executed.

Impact analysis supports development teams that are using Agile methodology or teams that are prohibited in the frequency of their build test runs as individual developers can analyse, fix and report impacts at their desktop.

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froglogic was founded to create a best-of-breed cross-platform test automation tools. The froglogic Squish Testing Suite consists of the cross-platform and multi-language code coverage analysis tool Squish Coco and the GUI Test Automation Tool Squish GUI Tester. More details…

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