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Post-commit Patch Review

The post-commit patch review is an extension of the Squish Coco report generation feature. This extension supports a review of changes applied to a software project. Typically, one wants to know whether the test suite of the project contains enough tests that target specifically the lines of code that have changed. For that purpose the Squish Coco patch analysis creates a report which shows whether there are enough tests for the changed code, or whether new tests are required.

If desired, run exactly those tests that execute the code in the patch. This will mean large speedup in comparison with the execution of a full test suite.

To analyse a recent patch one merely needs a software project that instrumented with Coco, and a set of tests for the project run at least once. With patch analysis, one can find out how the project’s code coverage will differ after applying a patch. This information is gathered even before running the tests again. One can answer the question: Which of the lines in the patch will be covered by the existing tests, and which will not? For all lines covered by the tests, the patch analysis also displays the tests that will cover them.

Patch analysis is available before applying a patch to a software project as well. Then it generates a report for the code in the patch based on previously executed tests without requiring a re-execution of the tests.

Patch analysis for Qt Quick

Post-commit Patch Review Report

The post-commit patch review report contains the following information:

Execution Statistics – A table that groups the tests by their results. The table shows how many of the tests have passed, failed, need manual testing, and whose execution status is unknown.

Executions – A list of the tests that execute code which is affected by the patch. For each test, the name and the execution result is shown.

Source Code Statistics – A table that shows the influence of the patch on the test coverage. It shows how many lines in the patch are covered by a test, how many are not, and for how many lines Squish Coco could not find out whether they are covered. These numbers are shown for the lines that were removed, or added, and for all lines of the patch.

Annotated Patch Source – An annotated version of the patch file. Each line of code in the patch is shown in red if it is removed, green if it is added, or otherwise grey. Also shown are the line numbers of the code lines, both before and after the patch is applied, and the number of tests that cover a line. This last field also has a tooltip that shows which tests cover the specific line.

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