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Squish Coco provides an addin for NUnit version 2.4.4 and above as a sample. To install it proceed as followings:

  1. Build NUnitSquishCoco.dll using the Microsoft® Visual Studio® project NUnitSquishCoco.vsproj provided in the sample directory.
  2. Copy NUnitSquishCoco.dll to the addins folder located in the bin folder where NUnit.exe can be found.
  3. Start NUnit.exe and verify that the addin “NUnit Squish Coco” is loaded.

Once installed, as soon as NUnit’s test driver is executing a C# or C++ managed unit test test.dll, it generates automatically a code coverage execution report test.dll.csexe automatically if test.dll is instrumented with Squish Coco. The code coverage information is organized into a tree containing the coverage and the execution status for each single unit test. The execution report can be then imported into the application’s instrumentation database with CoverageBrowser or cmcsexeimport.

Squish Coco also has ready made integrations for CppUnit, QTestLib, GoogleTest and CxxTest.