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White Box / Black Box Testing

Black and White box testing is carried out as part of a successful software delivery. Squish Coco supports both by providing developers and test engineers with access to the relevant analysis depending upon their needs. In many cases black box testing is done by dedicated testers, often as part of the Quality Assurance process, while white box testing is performed by developers using Agile, TTD methodology.

White Box Testing

Interactive white box tests are easy to do using Squish Coco: once the application has been compiled with CoverageScanner, the test engineer can execute it, and after each execution they can import the execution report into CoverageBrowser for analysis.

Black Box Testing

Black box tests assume that test engineers have no knowledge of the application’s internals – they work purely in terms of inputs and the corresponding expected outputs (whether of data or of error reports for invalid input).

For this kind of testing it is possible to follow the same pattern as for white box testing, but without providing the test engineer the instrumentation database (.csmes file) generated by CoverageScanner. The application itself will generate an execution report which can be analysed after the testing cycle. However, this approach has the disadvantage that test engineers cannot manage their own execution reports e.g. to add comments.

Squish Coco has a facility which makes black box testing possible without disadvantaging test engineers. The CoverageBrowser tool can generate an instrumentation database (.csmes file) which does not contain any source code or source browsing information. This allows test engineers to manage the list of tests and to view the statistics, but it does not provide any source level coverage information.

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froglogic was founded to create a best-of-breed cross-platform test automation tools. The froglogic Squish Testing Suite consists of the cross-platform and multi-language code coverage analysis tool Squish Coco and the GUI Test Automation Tool Squish GUI Tester. More details…

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