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Intland Software help you make your software better, faster and higher quality with better processes and tools by helping you manage your software application lifecycle from Demand, Requirements, Development and Test to Delivery. We facilitate collaboration, increase transparency and align software development with your business objectives.

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codeBeamer ALM

codeBeamer logocodeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated Application Lifecycle Management platform with end-to-end capabilities that help you develop better products faster. Dock ALM into your PLM tool.  Scale, monitor, control and report on your lifecycle conveniently.

Due to its single repository architecture, codeBeamer ALM helps ensure transparency and end-to-end traceability even in the most complex of projects.

codeBeamer’s Release Management functionality, advanced workflow support with Business Process Management capabilities, and collaborative features support large-scale Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid development.

Its dedicated SAFe® Template is the first implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework in the Agile ALM world, letting you implement enterprise-grade Agile while enforcing custom, compliant processes using your Application Lifecycle Management platform. More details…

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