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Intland Software’s codebeamer is a holistically integrated Application Lifecycle Management platform with end-to-end capabilities that help you develop better products faster. Dock ALM into your PLM tool. Scale, monitor, control, and report on your lifecycle conveniently. Use preconfigured automotive, medical, or avionics templates to simply comply with safety-critical regulations. Cut development time and costs.

codebeamer features

Requirements management

codebeamer wheelcodebeamer’s requirements management feature set is tightly integrated into the ALM capabilities: requirements can be associated with source code, tasks, bugs, issues, tests, releases and all other artifacts, providing end-to-end traceability.

codebeamer is a fully web-based collaborative platform that enables you to define, re-use, share, and manage requirements in collaboration with internal or external stakeholders.

Through its tight Microsoft Office integration (round-trip export-import functionality), document management, wikis, and comments, codebeamer enhances collaboration, while the requirements libraries let you re-use requirements from similar projects, supporting the management of multiple product variants. More details…

Software development

codebeamer’s software development functionality enables teams to work collaboratively on the development of complex software products. Its single repository means that relationships between all work items throughout the lifecycle can be simply established, ensuring end-to-end traceability.

Due to its flexible architecture, codeBeamer aptly supports Agile, Waterfall and Agile-Waterfall Hybrid development processes. Integrations are provided with major version control systems Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS and Plastic SCM. More details…

QA & Testing

codebeamer’s comprehensive QA and Test Management feature set provides 360 degree traceability by associating tests with requirements, code and releases. Continuous testing, integration and deployment capabilities make codeBeamer DevOps-ready.

codebeamer is built for scaling Agile for enterprise use to support the development of complex (hardware, software and service) products. It extends the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) with comprehensive DevOps functionality to better support the alignment of development and operations teams. Continuous testing, integration and deployment can all be managed in codeBeamer through its tight integration with Jenkins, all the while maintaining complete traceability. Other testing applications can be integrated via codeBeamer’s flexible REST API. More details…

Risk Management

Risk Management with codeBeamercodebeamer’s Risk Management feature set helps you identify, analyze, and mitigate or reduce all the risks that might affect the success of your development projects.

It comes with a preconfigured FMEA template, and greatly facilitates compliance with ISO 14971, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and other standards.

Risks are inevitable in product development projects, whether you are using an Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid process to create enterprise applications, embedded software, or IoT-connected products.

Being able to identify these risks early on and adequately preparing for them could make or break the project, and could significantly affect the profitability of your entire company. More details…

Variants Management

codebeamer’s Variants Management functionality helps you manage multiple product variants conveniently and efficiently. Product variants enable you to target multiple segments of a fragmented market. Adapting to market granularity gives you a competitive advantage, and allows you to better serve the needs of multiple customer groups. However, managing the development of several product types in a product line can be a challenge. More details…

Preconfigured safety-critical templates

Intland’s preconfigured templates leverage the capabilities of codebeamer  to help medical, automotive, and avionics product developers comply with regulations and standards with minimal configuration. These templates may be used out of the box, and greatly reduce the time and effort costs of implementing mature processes, and recording & documenting audit trails across the lifecycle to simplify compliance audits.

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Intland Software help you make your software better, faster and higher quality with better processes and tools by helping you manage your software application lifecycle from Demand, Requirements, Development and Test to Delivery. More details…

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