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Compliance with RTCA DO-178C (EUROCAE ED-12C) and DO-254

codeBeamer TUV badgecodeBeamer ALM helps you achieve compliance with aviation standards and regulations by allowing you to implement mature processes, and to efficiently report on the entire development lifecycle.

codeBeamer is a TÜV “Trusted Tool” platform certified as a solution that adequately supports safety-critical development.

Software quality, traceability, and overall product safety are of vital importance in the development of avionics end products.

Design considerations and lifecycle activities are subject to rigorous regulations to achieve safety objectives. In order to comply with DO-178C, DO-254 and other FAA, CAA or DOD regulations that prove the airworthiness of their products, aviation development companies have to ensure that:

  • safety criticality and objectives are defined and achieved during development
  • requirements are traceable to source code and test cases
  • all stages of the software development lifecycle are adequately documented.

Challenges of Compliance in Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Development

The development of airborne products, aviation software, and embedded avionics systems is subject to the complex requirements of various rigorous standards and stringent regulations. These documents, developed by regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), or the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and those of other regulatory bodies aim to ensure the safety, reliability and overall airworthiness of avionics end products.

Key to obtaining certification is the guidance (and de facto standard) that is known as DO-178B, and its updated version DO-178C (RTCA DO-178B and C, or EUROCAE ED-12B or C). In Europe, functional safety certification is supported by the CASS Scheme to assess compliance with IEC 61508 and related standards.

RTCA/DO-254, titled Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware, is another important standard that provides guidance to the development of airborne electronic hardware systems. DO-254 can be regarded as a counterpart to DO-178C, and their combination aims to ensure the safety and reliability of avionics equipment containing both hardware and software components.

Intland’s Avionics DO-178C and DO-254 Template

The flexible architecture and advanced capabilities of codeBeamer ALM help you ensure and show gapless traceability throughout the development lifecycle. Its preconfigured aviation template simplifies process control and reporting, and lets you efficiently achieve compliance with DO-178B and DO-178C, as well as DO-254 and other relevant international avionics standards. Intland’s Avionics DO-178C & DO-254 Template leverages codeBeamer ALM’s advanced capabilities to facilitate compliance audits.

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