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Variants Management

Unlock efficiencies when developing a product line with multiple product variants. Manage product commonality and variability. Optimize the reuse of lifecycle artifacts, avoid redundant work, and reduce development costs. Develop the right products for the right market with codeBeamer ALM’s Variants Management Package.

Customers demand more and more personalized products, while tech innovation and regulatory demands also force developers to increase the diversity of their product lines. With this dramatic increase in product diversity and variability, the costs of development are growing.

While variations in mechanical components are relatively easy to manage using CAD/CAM and PLM tools, software development lacks this level of maturity in product line engineering. Developing multiple software products that share common elements often results in rework and wasted resources. Meanwhile, software is becoming the number one value added component, and is already the primary means of product differentiation, creating a pressure to achieve efficiency in the engineering of complex software applications.

There are immense cost and time savings to be realized through the advanced reuse and variants management processes in software development. By leveraging existing lifecycle artifacts and managing commonality and variability in your products codeBeamer’s Variants Package helps you reduce rework, shorten release cycles, and cut the costs of product verification.

Variants Management with Branching Baselining Merging and Comparing

codeBeamer’s Variants Package features are fully integrated in the ALM feature set. Together, they help unlock efficiencies in product variants management through requirements re-use, branching, merging, and comparison features. The Variants Package helps cut costs by driving the reuse of requirements and test cases, and by facilitating the management and verification of multiple product variants.

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