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Continuously Monitor Your Architecture with Lattix Web

Lattix Web provides a convenient and powerful way to publish and track the evolution of your projects. Lattix Web includes a Repository, which is updated manually using Lattix Architect or automatically by your build system, and is accessed from a web browser. The extended team can use their browsers to view Projects with snapshots of each build and compare trends of changes, architectural violations, metrics and a variety of other data. Now it is easier than ever to communicate this critical information to your entire organization.

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Provide Visualization to Your Entire Team

Lattix Web contains a summary of key system metrics and changes, architecture diagrams including interactive DSM and CAD, and various reports of violations, cycles, largest files and packages.

Charts and Reports Provide Historical Data on the Quality of Your Architecture

With delta reports it is possible to compare the active snapshot with any previous one to see changes in metrics and new or missing violations and dependencies. Charts show comparisons of complexity, cyclicality, stablity, and violations of all snapshots in the selected range.

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Lattix is a leading innovator of software architecture and complexity management solutions. These help deliver higher quality software, accelerate development timeframes, reduce costs, and lower risk throughout the application lifecycle. More details…

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