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LemonTree was developed to use versioning systems like Git for models as well. Split your models as you wish and benefit from precise version control of the individual model parts.

LemonTree v3 Screenshot 1

With LemonTree models and their diagrams can be compared in a fine-granular way to ensure complete and consistent merging

In order to be able to give individual model packages their own life cycle, the dependencies between all packages are not only taken into account during specification, but throughout the entire workflow.

LemonTree v3 Screenshot 2
LemonTree v3 Screenshot 3

With LemonTree individual model packages can be exported in a suitable text format in an extremely performant way. These packages form a good basis for collaboration with the supply chain.

Choose your preferred workflow and make your team agile

Each team has its own workflows for collaboration, even across companies. Rely on proven workflows like Gitflow and take
advantage of feature branches.

Integration with the tools you already use

Enhance your workflow and integrate LemonTree seamlessly into the tools you already use:

  • Versioning systems such as Git, Subversion and PTC
  • Lifecycle tools such as BitBucket and GitLab
  • Continuous Integration systems such as Jenkins

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LieberLieber is the skilled Enterprise Architect specialist with 25 years of experience. The extensions, to Enterprise Architect, make models faster and more efficient. More details…

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