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Tools from Revenera help application producers and enterprises manage application usage and increase the value they derive from their software.

We help software and technology companies to use open source solutions more effectively, by finding and mitigating security and license compliance issues early in the development process and in their continuous delivery process. We help them understand how their products are being used so they can make better decisions. And we are the enabler for modern business models, and the effective enforcement of these models.

Revenera Products

FlexNet Code Insight

FlexNet Code Insight is an “on-premises” solution that manages OSS license compliance and vulnerability risk by automating the full process, including the request-to-use OSS and third-party code, scanning and reconciliation of actual to requested content, production of compliance documents and ongoing vulnerability scanning and intellectual property alerts.

Its robust compliance library includes over 13 million open source components and over 2.5 million automated detection rules as well as a proven request and authorization workflow which enables developers to request and receive permission before new code enters the code base and maintains a history of the request and usage details. More details…

FlexNet Code Aware

FlexNet Code Aware is an automated open source risk assessment and package discovery solution that enables software developers to quickly scan their products for security and intellectual property (IP) compliance risk.

Either as a standalone application, or by seamlessly integrating with InstallShield and InstallAnywhere , FlexNet Code Aware becomes a standard part of the build process, helping developers expose and assess IP and security vulnerability risks before the product ships. More details…

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