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Flexera Software Global Consulting – Audit Services has examined tens of thousands of software projects while helping customers with software acquisitions or internal compliance. The team specializes in audits with accurate reports on the open source software dependencies of a target company codebase within short windows of time, including any situation in which time or resources are limited and where our domain expertise and skill can accelerate decision-making.

Mergers and Acquisitions Technical Due Diligence

The emphasis in a merger and acquisition (M&A) project is on results that can impact go/no-go decisions, valuation or remediation costs. We deliver a high quality audit report more quickly than alternate methods and act as an arms-length, independent third party.

Due to this independence, target companies are more willing to share code for OSS license compliance and application security analysis prior to a definitive agreement. Our process ensures the highest possible confidentiality and projects are treated on a need-to-know basis. More details…

About Flexera Software

Flexera Software helps application producers and enterprises manage application usage and increase the value they derive from their software through next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions. More details…

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