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Klocwork Code Review brings all of our safety, reliability, and coding standards defects into a collaborative problem-solving environment, so your teams can fix them faster. With all the features of a standard code review tool, such as smart diffs and integration into your source code management system, Klocwork is already on top of your review game. Adding in social notifications, threaded discussions, and an infinite activity wall, developers are always informed and instantly able to help solve the latest defects and create better code.

Faster reviews at the desktop – Developers can start, participate in, or follow reviews with just one click – for any type of code or text file. The review space can be designed and customized to suit individual needs by monitoring relevant projects, creating interest areas, and getting notified of only the things that matter. With analysis results and issues integrated right into the review space, developers work together in real-time to trace, comment, and fix issues without leaving their desktops. Once fixed, changes are easily checked in with support for several SCMs, including Git, Perforce, Subversion, ClearCase, and CVS.

Less time spent on fixes – Klocwork brings social collaboration to solving coding issues, combining skillsets and sharing this learning across teams. Here’s just a few of the ways in which Klocwork speeds up code reviews:

  • Every developer has real-time notifications and a customizable activity wall, instantly seeing when and where they can help out
  • Personal backlogs, to-do lists, and a rich search grammar, allow anyone to quickly determine the current state of their defect-reduction activities
  • Relevant actions can be assigned to authors, other reviewers, or even unrelated parties to focus work better
  • Highly customizable, visual reports present data about individuals and teams, identifying areas that provide real value or those needing follow-up.

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