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Continuous Static Code Analysis

Accelerate development with continuous static code analysis – The adoption of Agile methods, DevOps, and continuous integration (CI) has taken the velocity of software development to unprecedented levels.

Klocwork’s Continuous Static Code Analysis (CSCA) is where comprehensive security, safety, reliability, and performance checkers meet continuous integration tools to provide rapid feedback on the health of incremental check ins across the development team. This is made possible by the unique architecture of the Klocwork analysis engine, designed to maximize scalability and performance for multiple concurrent analysis at a time. In other words, if you’re delivering many releases a day, only Klocwork CSCA handles the frequency and complexity of code changes to give every developer accurate results without the analysis engine getting confused or slowing down.

Results where you want them – Klocwork integrates with popular CI tools, such as Jenkins and TeamCity, and supports any system that uses scripting and the command line. Along with on-the-fly analysis, this enables robust automated testing across the full spread of development activities: on the desktop as developers are coding, on incremental updates at check-in time, and during integration builds on the overall release. At any time, developers and testers get quick, insightful analysis to pinpoint issues and resolve them faster.

All checkers, all the time, or a customized set applied right when you want it, Klocwork meets your team right where testing happens.

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