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Incremental Development

Incremental Static Analysis – The full-featured static code analysis solution provided by Klocwork helps developers find and fix security vulnerabilities and critical defects the moment they’re introduced using incremental static analysis. In-house, MISRA C and C++ coding standard violations can be reported automatically at the developer’s desktop and during the continuous integration build using Jenkins. Developers can use certified static code analysis checkers to detect coding issues with confidence, knowing they have been designed, developed, tested, and released in an audited and certified manner.

Incremental Static Analysis at the Desktop – Bugs and security vulnerabilities are best found and resolved closest to where they have been introduced – at the desktop. Finding these sooner and fixing them quickly translates into delivering better products, faster. Klocwork static analysis runs while code is created, so issues are immediately identified and addressed. In-context resolution, to ensure remediation is done by the right people – those closest to the code.

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Rogue Wave Software are the largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components in the world. Through decades of solving the most complex problems across financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, government, academia, and other industries, Rogue Wave tools, libraries, and services enable developers to write better code, faster. More details…

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